Name : CARS 3

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Director : Brian Fee

Release Date : 16 June 2017 (USA)

Countries : USA

Views : 407

Latest CARS 3 Trailer

CARS 3 Trailer | January 10, 2017 |

An upcoming 3D film releasing on June 16, 2017 worldwide. The animated movie is directed by Brian Fee and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie will be released by Disney pictures. Movie is a franchise of the already popular movie series “Cars”.

Lightning McQueen is the main character in the movie from the first “Cars” movie. He is basically a car who wants to prove to the new generation racers that he is still the best cars in the world, because he is thrown out from the sport he loves. According to board selectors, McQueen is not capable to win the races from the young and new generation racers. To get back into the race he needs the help of young female race technician Cruz Ramirez.