Shut In

Name : Shut In

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Director : Farren Blackburn

Release Date : 11 November 2016 (USA)

Countries : USA

Views : 284

True nightmares

A sentimental thrill of a widowed child psychologist who lives in a sole place in rural New England. During a severe winter storm, she has to discover a way to save a young kid to prevent him to lose away. Get separated from the outer world, she begins to trust someone who is insider her home and is attempting to risk her life.

Naomi Watts is los in her nightmares with thrilling reality. There are more questions than answers given. In her house at the isolated place, she brings a new person. When the kid is lost from her house in a severe storm, she stars having nightmares and thinks if she is scared by the same kid. A doctor says due to insufficient sleep, it is becoming hard for her to understand the reality.

Certain things are happening and they not only in the dreams but can be felt in real. You should understand it. The nightmares that Naomi sees turn into reality in the movie even soon than her expectation. She starts believing that the boy she lost is haunting her becoming a ghost. She starts losing her sleep and keeps thinking of the lost boy all the day and night.