The Strangers 2

Name : The Strangers 2

Genre : Horror

Director : Marcel Langenegger

Release Date : N/A

Countries : USA

Views : 1,369

The Stranger 2- Home invaders

James with his girlfriend Kristen visits his summer home after attending the wedding reception of a friend. At that home, James proposes Kristen which cannot accept because of not being prepared for the marriage.

In the early morning, they are surprised by hearing a door knock because the house is much far from the city. A blonde lady asks for Tamara. They tell her she got the wrong house, she leaves however said that they will meet again. After James left for the drive, Kristen faces weird things at home caused by the same blonde lady. She informs James about being terrified by that lady. Soon they find that the house is breached by the blonde lady, they try to leave but their car is damaged by another person, forcing them to run away.

Mike recognizes that something is not fine when sees the damaged car. He is mistakenly killed by James who then runs to kill the blonde lady. James is attacked by a masked man when tries to kill her. Hearing the shot, Kristen runs to the shed and is incapacitated by the stranger. Now James and Kristen fall unconscious. They are stabbed by the lady several times and later found by two teenage boys.