Name : Unlocked

Genre : Action, Thriller

Director : 

Release Date : 5 May 2017 (UK)

Countries : UK

Views : 153

In a thriller movie titled “Unlocked”, a CIA interrogator is pushed to make a move that puts London in a dangerous position of a biological attack. Written by Peter O’Brien and directed by Michael Apted

Noomi Rapace acts as the CIA who later teams up with another agent Orlando Bloom to cut off the terrorists who threaten London with a peril. The film also stars Michael Douglas, Toni Collete, and John Malkovich among others and is set to be released this May.

Warner Bros produces this epic movie along with Lorenzo di Bonaventura and filming is said to have started in November 2014 only to end on January 17, 2015. It is an interesting action and thriller movie.