Doctor Strange

Name : Doctor Strange

Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Director : Scott Derrickson

Release Date : 4 November 2016 (USA)

Countries : USA

Views : 1,921

Author 3: Some movies are over rated because of the popular previous movies related to those movies. Doctor Strange had a good rating in all the movie review websites. In Marvel comics, Doctor Strange is a popular and loved character, but could not show the magic on box office because according to fans, in the movie the magic done by Doctor Strange, was looking so kiddish. Story and Villains in the movie were liked and being a movie from Marvel, Doctor Strange got enough love and its gross earning was 659 million USD. This is the movie every Marvel fan should watch because all the Marvel movies are connected to each other anyhow. If Avengers would have Doctor Strange in it, there would be some complications to understand the concept of Doctor Strange in the story.

Author 2 : Doctor Strange, The Marvel superhero, was always see in Marvel Comics. Now MCU has launched this superhero in movies also. Doctor Strange movie is going to release on 5th November, 2016. This is Marvel’s fourth movie this year.

Dr. Stephen Strange is a egotistical surgeon who meets with a big accident and lost the use of his hands in that. Now he can see his finished career. He tries to make himself healed with medicine but fails. In search of his treatment he enters into an enclave and realize that he has now special powers. He better knew that the enclave is in the front of the battle with unseen dark forces. Now he has to make a choice between famous, royal life and the powers to save the world from dark powers. You can watch Doctor Strange full movie online for free.


Author 1 : Doctor Strange is the movie from Marvel Comics. Dr. Stephen Strange met with a horribly big accident and losses the ability to use their hand. He become unable to get a good treatment and finds that his career has been spoiled. All medicines and treatments fail him to use his hands. In the hope of making himself fine again, he looks into a mysterious enclave. Soon he finds that this enclave is in the front to battle with some unseen dark powers. before long, Doctor is now forced to choose his life with fortune and fame or to save the world as the most powerful sorcerer. You can watch Doctor Strange full movie online for free.